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In 2005 Amerah left her hometown of St. Louis to fulfill her dream of moving to New York City. Originally she moved to attend college at FIT, but quickly found that her destiny was a career working in hair. 

Amerah has now been in the hair world for 11 years and feels fortunate to have trained with some of the industries finest. She began her path at the Aveda Institute in SoHo for Cosmetology school followed by years of apprenticing at some of the top salons in NYC such as: Bumble and Bumble, Dopdop Salon, and Paul Labrecque where she currently works. She continues to further her education and expand her technique annually. Her favorite 'go to' places are the Loreal Academy in Soho, and the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica. 

Amerah is renowned for her versatility in executing cut, color and extensions. She also offers personalized keratin treatments that aim to target uneven curl/wave patterns or combat certain frizzy zones for each individual. She is most known for her technique of cutting dry. This allows her to work with your texture, natural growth patterns, and cowlicks much better so that each haircut is tailored specifically to  you.

One of Amerah's most endearing qualities as a stylist is not only her technique, but her ability to listen and understand what you really want. Because she is an excellent conversationalist she has the ability to match the perfect cut and color for your style and daily life. She's widely known for getting you out of your comfort zone and initiating a change you didn't even realize you needed. 

"Hair is indeed your greatest accessory. It doesn't matter how amazing your outfit or shoes are. If your hair isn't perfect the whole look will be off. If you begin every morning struggling with your hair, or always tie it back in ponytail than it's time for a change!", says Amerah. 

You can find her at Paul Labrecque salon or occasionally working freelance on photoshoot's or runway. Amerah lives in NYC with her husband and two beloved dogs. 

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